Martha the Mathemagician

Martha the Mathematician and the Secret Code

Martha is given her magic calculator and has to discover the secret code that will unlock its powers. She and Oscar meet the Halving Ladybird, the Number Eating Crocodile, the Doubling Butterfly, and the Making Five Starfish in their search for the answer.        Find out more  Get Sample Pages Emailed to You

Meet the team! 

Martha the Mathemagician lives on Calculation Island (where numbers grow on trees) with her life-long best friend Oscar the Owl and her grandfather Max, who is an old and wise mathemagician.  

Read all about Martha's adventures and glory in elegant, funny (and mathematical) illustrations by Johanna Amos. Parents and teachers will love them - and children will see more and more in them, each time they read the books.

By our reckoning, that's the test of a truly great children's book! 

Martha the Mathemagician and the Medieval Castle

Martha and Oscar are transported to a dramatic argument between Knights about who will save the Princess from the dragon. Again she meets the Halving Ladybird to solve the problem she faces. Oh, and empowers the Princess while she's at it...                                                                  Find out more