Be a Little Historian!


The clash of Saxons, Vikings and Normans is central to the story of the English speaking

world. But it's a rollicking good tale too! 

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The Blitz

The Blitz of London in World War Two is an awe inspiring story of bravery, adventure and a clash of civilisations. Young readers will love it.  
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The American West

An awe inspiring story of bravery, adventure, and a clash of cultures. A story less familiar to the young, but important and brought to life.    Find out more

Big Stories for Little Historians

The Berlin Wall

How and why the Berlin Wall is an interesting story, made fun and fascinating by the spies and counter-spies from the Cold War.             Find out more

Learn Some History

Sarah Davies and Chris Ruth are both history teachers - and it shows! Vibrant stories remain accurate - so your Little Historian will be carried away with the story and learn at the same time. What could be better?

See the author enjoying a 1066 Themed Day with a school HERE

Beautifully Illustrated

Chris Ruth's clever and historical pictures are always colourful and interesting. Larger than life Vikings, wise American Plainsmen, Cockney heroes and the intrigue of the Cold War... your Little Historians will love poring over them!